TALKn2 Facebook - Windows Phone

Post directly to Facebook from your phone using Speech recognition. It works!


In just 90 seconds see how you can stop texting and start talking too.

See how easy it is to post a picture and comment to Facebook without typing.


  • Records what WAS said
  • Sentences can be easily fixed, moved, or deleted.
  • Post text messages without ever typing
  • Easily post a photo to Facebook
TALKn2 Text - Windows Phone

TALKn2 Text - Windows Phone


See how it works in our 90 second video. 

Say each sentence separately

Tap into the sentence to correct - HEAR WHAT YOU SAID. 

Replay, reorder, correct or delete.

For longer messages you can pause and think before speaking which improves recognition and reduces stress. 

Active Contacts - Windows Phone

Active Contacts - Windows Phone

Tired of scrolling through your endless list of People? Active Contacts is a faster, easier, better way to call or text the people that matter most to you!

- Active Contacts is populated from your People List, so there's no double entry
- Only contacts that have phone numbers show in Active Contacts
- A single tap lets you switch their category or preferred phone number
- Easy access to your Hidden List whenever you need it

SnapNTell - Windows Phone 7 & 8

SnapNTell - Windows Phone 7 & 8

SnapNTell is a simple new way to capture and share projects and notes by putting voice and photos together.

Think of it as a notebook that records any project or event with images, audio clips, and notes. Then view it as a slideshow.

SnapNTell is easy!  Just take a picture, record audio to go with it and type in some notes. You can easily zoom, crop and rotate your photo within the app.  Other apps stick you with predefined headings and categories, but Snap n’Tell lets you define everything!  Tap-to-change means you can rename, add, and even remove the headings and categories anytime.

Global Friend Viewer - Windows 8

Global Friend Viewer - Windows 8

A fun and interactive way to view your network of friends in the world.

Simply login to Facebook and watch the location pins and numbers appear on the map. Click to see you friends’ pictures and names by city, state, or country.


  • Data View allows export of your lists to a CSV file
  • Choose to include or exclude acquaintances
  • Map is fully interactive and detailed based on zoom level