About Us

InterDash is working to building a complete service structure that can rapidly bring ideas to market.  

Strategy: Create applications that test new ideas and concepts on short timelines.

Our goal: Explore emerging technologies and deliver innovative new ways to use Mobile devices.  


Who We Are

I am a software architect with over 30 years experience delivering solutions for Enterprises and Small Businesses.  In 2013 I dedicated myself to pursuing new technologies testing my ideas out on the Windows Phone and then the Surface. 

These applications, this site, and all the support for these applications is my effort to understand this new market.  

My efforts are full time but I get part-time support from other professionals in the family.

My wife is a Director of Product Management with 30 years experience in the software industry and actively participated in these efforts at times.

My daughter provides Web Design and Services for small businesses and helps me as needed. 

My son is a Senior SharePoint Architect and a great resource for me to lean on.

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Our team

With over 50 years combined experience we know how to get the job done.


InterDash is looking to develop high quality applications that leverage new technologies.  This includes promoting best practices though sharing our successes and enabling others whenever possible.