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New Innovations and Friendlier user experiences

InterDash works towards a goal of releasing 12 Windows application each year.  Started in July of 2013 we now offer 5 Windows Phone applications and one for Windows 8. Our phone applications have liberal trial periods so you can give them a serious try.

Watch as our product line grows, and help us out with comments and ratings.


Custom applications on demand.

The modern app must cater to multiple platforms and formats, be available in multiple languages, take advantage of cloud technologies and social networks. That covers a lot of ground.

If you have an existing application or idea you would like to get into the Windows marketplace, or a business that recognizes some value in providing a Windows application, our services are designed to help.

  • Proto-typing
  • Consulting
  • Development
  • Training
  • Enhancements
  • Globalization


Dec 2013, 17
TalkNPost - Is available!
Just released for Windows Phone - A better Speech-to-Text UI
Dec 2013, 01
Tired of scrolling through your endless list of People?
Active Contacts is a faster, easier, better way to call or text the people that matter most to you!
Sep 2013, 25
Global Friend Viewer on Windows Store
View your network of friends as country, state, and city pins on a map of the world.
Jun 2013, 27
SnapNTell inside Facebook
Complete site integration within Facebook

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TalkNPost Windows Store

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Active Contacts Windows Store

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